The TrustRev rating and review system is very flexible and allows you to gather valuable ratings and reviews for all your processes independently, like checkout and service processes, your products, shop and company. The review links are easy to create and deploy. Many different Trust Widgets help you to show your ratings and reviews to your visitors.

Our own unique algorithm calculates the probability reviews being submitted by real social network profiles from real people. Recent studies show that over 70% of social network profiles are fake. Over 90% of reviews are fake reviews. Most reviews are very easy to fake. This means that customers can not trust reviews anymore. However, if you have a trustscore with your rating and review that demonstrates genuine reviews, this will increase trust and reputation of your brand and products highly.

Gather valuable user insight to optimize your internal processes.
What are your users thinking about your order processes, products and services? All reviews can be traced down by order number, invoice number, cart id, product id, which enables you to verify review authenticity so that you can resolve issues quickly or know exactly in which areas improve quickly. CRM: Respond to reviews, solve problems on-the-fly, improve support

Increase mentions on facebook, twitter and google+, trust, traffic and sales from these social media platforms via TrustRev. Users who review with their fb, tw or g+ can also opt to post their review on their social media accounts and let their friends know. All reviews will also be syndicated to your social media accounts giving you full 360 degree social media coverage. Word of mouth marketing in social media networks is very effective because People trust their peers. Facebook, twitter and google+ combined have over a billion active users. Over a billion users share their opinions on businesses with their friends on a daily basis. According to a recent study 68% of those people who do read their friends' shopping related Facebook posts end up clicking on the product link to go directly to the retailer's website. With our TrustRev system, your customers can easily find, read and share their friends' reviews. This increases trust for your brand and transparency of your business.

A wide variety of high quality widgets let you display your reviews on your website. Widgets and Badges with our unique trustscore increase consumer confidence and conversions on your site. All widgets are dynamically updated with the latest review and trustscore information. Widgets and badges for all kinds of areas are available: Your checkout process, products, service and support and any other area that is important to you.

All review content belongs to you and is credited to you. Via our API, you can show the latest reviews on your website to your users, fully customizable according to your theme. Frequently updates of user-generated, keyword-rich contet will boost your presence and ranking in major search engines and increase your clickthrough rate.

If someone searches your store name with reviews, opinions, experiences or scam, your TrustRev profile certificate will come up in prominent place in search engine results because of the large authority factor. This means competitors or other people who try to badmouth you with self created blogs and small websites will not get any visibility in search engines with their sites.

Graphical statistics give you a detailed overview on key metrics like demographics and conversion rates, which gives you a clear understanding on which areas to optimize and improve. Find out who is reviewing which processes and what their overall opinion is in a specific time frame.

Setup is as simple as copy and pasting a few lines of text. Just generate the links in the user area and place them in your checkout processes (for example your order confirmation email), product and other service pages. Now watch the reviews roll in. Showing your ratings to your visitors is just as easy. Simply put the widget code on your website. At any time, if you need help, our support team will be happy to assist you.

We issue you a public online certificate that shows your current combined rating, trustscore, all reviews along with your brand logo and business details. You can link to this certificate from your website, email signature, social media accounts, flyers and other places to document your authenticity to your visitors and customers.

Even though the TrustRev system is very easy to setup and use, we offer 24/7 support for our members and are happy to assist you. Our 24-48 hour reply guarantee ensures that your query is responded to within 24-48 hours.

Ads with stars get more attention, draw more clicks and send more potential customers to your website. Higher click rates also lower your adwords cost and give you a higer ad ranking. The TrustRev ratings are automatically syndicated to google, so you don't have to do anything else than collecting reviews to get these stars in your adwords. Stars also appear in your google shopping listings. Even in the organic search results, your ratings can be displayed using rich snippets..

In the user area, you can setup multiple user accounts to distribute tasks to colleagues and employees.

Flag reviews from non-customers or reviews that otherwise violate our published Terms of Use policies for review and possible removal Sometimes a customer will leave a review and forget to verify their account. Gain access to all inactive reviews and remind the customer to activate their account. Flag reviews from non-customers (or for other violations of our terms) for possible removal. We'll contact them to obtain their order confirmation, and remove if none is provided.

Conveniently receive email updates whenever new reviews or comments have been approved and are live on your certificate page, so you don't have to check many times per day if new reviews have been posted that need your attention.

All reviews, comments and responses from the business owner and the customer is public to ensure full transparency. Responding to negative reviews shows that you care and that you are on the case and willing to resolve it. Active participation and willingness to resolve issues increase trust in your current and future customers.

You can easily export your reviews as excel spreadsheet or csv. This allows you to process in in your CRM or use the reviews in your next marketing campaign.

Getting reviews probably the easiest part of TrustRev with our built-in link generator. You can get reviews in your checkout process, for your products, for support and services you provide to your customers and basically for anything you want. As long as you get visitors in your website or shop, you will get reviews. All reviews are verified and have a trustscore.

You can send emails to all users who rate and review your business and products to resolve issues or simply as a 'thank you'. You will get the best reviews from satisfied customers.