Why TrustRev

Many review platforms on the market today allow you to collect ratings and reviews for your business and products, however, all of these platforms possess a vital flaw - it isn't difficult to fake a review. Because of this, many business professionals have taken up the habit of writing fake reviews, which means that customers end up distrusting reviews in general.

We have seen this as a problem for quite some time, and have discovered a way to solve it. We have developed an algorithm that calculates how probable it is that a specific review was written by an actual person. As the review is analyzed, more than 24 different metrics are used to calculate the likelihood of a review being genuine, so that these verified reviews can be trusted.

As a company gathers more and more verified reviews, customers see it as a business that can be trusted. The more customers trust a company, the more likely they are to do business with it (trusted businesses have seen up to a 23 percent increase in conversion rates). Each review that we analyze is accompanied by its own ID number for reference. The score that we provide your company will help you make sure that your reviews can be trusted; an assurance that you can then pass onto your customers.


With the TrustRev Logo, your business becomes even more trusted by your customers. The scores that we provide for reviews increases both the speed and likelihood of conversions, and there is research that demonstrates that the rate of conversion goes up by about 23 percent when the TrustRev Logo is displayed.

It doesn't take many reviews to increase the amount of time that customers spend on a company's website. This extra time spent leads to an increase in sales, since more visitors become actual customers.

Adding our service can as much as double the conversion rates for individual product pages by using the experiences of your current customers to encourage potential customers to go through with the purchase.

Increase the reputation of your business with real reviews that your customers can trust. Your buyers need to understand that you will provide them with excellent services. The best way to communicate this is with genuine reviews from actual customers. Because we ensure that your reviews can be verified, and are all paired with an actual order number, you can be sure that you are gaining actual insight into your customers. Because these reviews show up in important marketing channels, your reviews will reach customers via a variety of channels, leading to an increase in sales.
Studies have shown that rating seals do better than regular trust badges from computer security services at increasing conversion rates. For the best lift in CTR, show our seal as well as third party security logos, so that your customers will know that your site is secure and can be trusted.

Setting up our service is quick and easy, with absolutely no hassle or complications. Our copy and paste integration method ensures that you will be set up in the time that it is taking you to read this. You will be gathering reviews right away, and if you run into any trouble, or friendly customer service team is here to help.

Your website will see more traffic since we increase the ease of word-of-mouth advertising and customer recommendations to friends and family through social medial channels.

Because your reviews are shown to be from actual people, customers will have an increased trust in your website. In Europe, 65 percent of online buyers note that a trustmark is 'very important' or 'important' when doing business with a retailer, since genuine buyer relationships begin with trust. Our TrustRev seal on your site will show your customers, as soon as they visit your site, that your business is secure and trustworthy.
Once placed on your site, your customers can see it throughout their entire shopping experience. Your rating and trustscores displayed on the badge will help assure them that your site is a trusted resource.

When buyers trust you, they buy more. After joining, our members see an average increase of 7.5 percent in revenue.

Since you will have a decrease in cost per click, plus an increased conversion rate, your ROI will increase. Excellent, trusted reviews by your customers undeniably increase your sales. The math shows that with an increase in buyer trust you experience increases in sales conversion, basket size, and ROI.

Our services allow you to increase your brand awareness through many channels, all while interacting with your buyers and demonstrating your trustworthiness

Because your buyers can learn from other's experiences (Example review text from a customer: 'Size is smaller than average'), your return rate will be reduced.

Since our reviews let your buyers comment on your services and products, you will be provided with valuable feedback that will enable you to improve your business and customer experience.

Independent ratings for your store increase the success of customer recommendations. Because the reviews are trustworthy and transparent, customers are more likely to take them into consideration.

Because your buyers trust your website, they will have the confidence needed to go right on through to check out. Our seal results in a decrease in the abandoned purchase rate of about one third. It also makes about two times the number of customers comfortable with paying in advance, according to a study done at the University of Regensburg. Since our reviews are simple to work into your process, and most effective at certain points in the sales process, your checkout process will appear more trustworthy to your customers. Because these points are visible throughout the sales process, abandoned purchase will decrease and your site visitors are more likely to become customers.

Combat negativity when keywords are searched! Because our product results have a high ranking, they appear before any negative feedback of less trusted sites. This allows you to provide a counterpoint to venting websites such as PissedConsumer, Complaingsboard or RipoffReport. Since we show as the first result when keywords including '[your_brand] complaints' or '[your_brand] scam' are typed in, it helps to combat this negative feedback. Once you have an excellent rating with Us, you will have this feedback to counteract any negativity out there.

Our service helps your SEO, particularly since we have an extremely high rankings when the name of your business and the word reviews is typed into the search engine. The positive SEO garnered by our trusted reviews also provides a contrast to complaint websites and helps to combat any negativity.